Although hybrid vehicles cost an average of 15-25% more than traditional vehicles, the cost is recouped several times if you own the vehicle for a long span of time. They use regenerative charging for the batteries installed. When you use the brakes on a hybrid vehicle a portion of the energy produced is charged back into the battery. When driving a hybrid vehicle, the transition between fuel and battery use is seamless, making the car ride just as smooth and easy as a traditional fuel powered vehicle. According to Statistic Brain, the Honda Civic Hybrid gets an average 44 miles per gallon. Hybrid vehicles not only save the owner money on fuel costs, but also benefit the environment because of a decrease in green house gas emissions. This infographic has been brought to you by Bumblebee Batteries, LLC. At Bumblebee Batteries, they understand hybrid battery technology inside and out. They also understand what it’s like to be a hybrid car owner, because they own them too!

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