HC Co. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer & innovator of hydraulic cylinders in China with best quality and services like hydraulic cylinder replacement, repair & maintenance worldwide.

Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinders

  Double acting hydraulic cylinder has a couple of series. It is sold all over the world in huge quantity every year. Double acting hydraulic cylinder uses the highest technology and the most rigorous requirement to manufacture. Double acting hydraulic cylinder is a very common hydraulic cylinder type. It has 2 oil ports and the oil can enter from either of the ports. The oil entering from both directions is controlled by oil pressure. When piston rod works, the force of pushing is bigger than pulling, and the piston rubs with the inside barrel thousands of times so if the seal ring is not good enough, leakage will take place after some time. HC double action hydraulic cylinder picks the best match for rod and bore and takes clients’ requirements as well.

Large Hydraulic Cylinder

HC is professional supplier of large hydraulic cylinder. HC supplies a huge quantity of heavy hydraulic cylindersto all across the world annually. These heavy cylinders are suitable for both medium and high pressure usage. The inner walls of the large sized cylinders have mirror boring surface finishing. The O ring set that is used are imported from UK. The main motive of HC is to deliver products in the shortest possible time. To make it feasible, they have maintained an inventory of large seamless steel pipe and piston rods of big diameters. This reduces the time that is spent on collecting the material, to a great degree. Also, it saves the production cost. Special design and tooling process are used to make the large hydraulic cylinders. This technique renders durability, strength and more life to the cylinders. These heavy cylinders remain in good shape, do not degrade over the years and provide perfect sealing function under the high pressure condition.

Light hydraulic Cylinder

HC light hydraulic cylinder can work faster. this series of light hydraulic cylinder is mainly used in metallurgy equipment and heavy machinery, and also suitable for other industries. HC light hydraulic cylinder tubes are made of carbon steel, after is honed the inside diameter tolerance level in the H7 ~ H9 with surface roughness of 0.3 ~ 0.6μm.oil seal and other seal products are imported with high precision, resistant to oil, rusty, friction, loss, and pressure.various parts are precision machining by milling and CNC lathe, good fit, high service life, easy maintenance.

Round hydraulic cylinder

Round Hydraulic Cylinder

HC Round Hydraulic Cylinder RO series has different connecting types, such as, ROA, ROB, ROC, ROD etc. Meanwhile, HC round hydraulic cylinder RO series has various fixing methods, like front flange style, end flange style, food stand style, trunnion style etc. Besides, the materials of hydraulic cylinder are both imported from German in HC. HC is a technological intense Chinese Portuguese joint venture which concentrates upon the research, development and service of hydraulic system. Meanwhile, HC owns a strong working team with experienced and professional technicians. And HC can offer standard or special design in order to meet customers’ demands.


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