SHG is the world famous foldable crate innovator and professional foldable crate manufacturer. It owns the most complete varieties and kinds of folding crate, has more than 120 different sizes and designs foldable crates, collapsible crates, normal foldable container and large foldable containers (LFC Containers).  Until now, SHG invested more than 400 sets of plastic injection molds and around 35 sets of injection molding machines, most of the injection molding machines are big tonnage.

Plastic Storage Boxes

SHG is a famous Large Plastic Foldable Storage Box & Crate Manufacturer in China, focusing on the supplies of  Large Plastic Storage Box, plastic storage crate, folding crates, Containers, Boxes etc. worldwide. The operation of the company is based on the marker needs. Hence, it is important that we focus on the technology development and high quality standards of the products. We sincerely provide diverse categories of products with low price to our customers within China as well as all over the world. We believe that one can only be the best in the business if they put in sincere efforts into it. To be a famous folding crate suitcase and foldable storage box manufacturer, we constantly have to make good foldable crate as well as high quality products. The testing is done by SHG which ensures that all the products are within the industry standards and are not hazardous or harmful in anyway.

LFC Container


SHG is the leading Large Foldable container manufacturer & Supplier company which focusing on LFC Containers, Foldable Bulk Container & Boxes etc. The Sino Holdings group participates in the manufacturing of large foldable containers. The large foldable container consists of three components, which are namely the bottom (that is the base), the side (which are the walls) and the cover (that is the lid). A small cover which is placed inside has also been introduced by the group. It is designed to provide more ease and help to the end users. All products that are manufactured at Sino Holdings Group are registered patents. They come with added features such as low cost, long service life, and convenience. The foldable containers and foldable bulk containers can also be folded easily when not in use.

Collapsible Crate

SHG is a professional Chinese Collapsible Crates manufacturer Company, which focus on the supplies of different kind of collapsible plastic storage crates, boxes & containers etc. worldwide. Sino Holdings Group is a big group that leads in Chinese Collapsible Crates. It focuses on the supplies of plastic collapsible containers, collapsible boxes, and pallet containers etc. within China as well as abroad.New design, as compared to the other collapsible heavier crate, is lighter. Sino Holdings Group offers guaranteed quality. The weight of the collapsible crate is maintained as such so that it does not become a burden while transportation but also the quality, durability and purpose are restored. The quality of the collapsible crate contains special features such as firmness, durable shatterproof, and is fully reusable. The crates are folded in packed as per categories. These categories are decided prior to the designing and manufacturing process.

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