Sino Moldings provide excellent China plastic molding technologies. This plastic molding solutions supplier is located in the south east region of China. This is truly the one stop solution for all the plastic injection molding service requirements. It is a leading China plastic mouldings manufacturing company which offering it’s advanced technologies and services  worldwide.


BMC Molding

Sino BMC mould Co., Ltd, professional china BMC moldings supplier, mainly devoted in BMC injection molding, BMC moulds, SMC injection molding and SMC/BMC molding services. With BMC injection molding solution, Sino BMC mould has accumulated good reputations from our customers in different countries. BMC injection molding products mainly ranges in following sections: BMC injection molding in automotive industry, BMC injection molding in transportations, sanitary series, electronic appliance, building, and sports and so on.

Automotive Moldings


Sinomould is a professional automotive molding manufacturer company which researching & developing on different types of automotive parts moldings. As a new material for auto parts, plastic can reduce the weight of cars and is energy saving, thus are widely used in auto industry. Plastic material gives car manufacturer more flexibility in car design, i.e.: inner decoration spare parts, panels, door trims, ABS breaking system, bumpers, triangle, spoiler, etc. Our company has certified by ISO/TS16949, along with professional design team, high performance equipment, we have been cooperative partner of many car manufacturers both home and abroad. We are capable of providing integral design, structural design, auto mold development, product injection, including panel, door trims, air condition, and bumper analysis for Automotive Parts Molding.

Bi-Color Injection Mold

Sino Mold has more than 7 years of experience in bi color injection molding, multi color injection molding and several over molding techniques in the production line from professional product design to several other mold designs. Bi-color injection Molding Applications: Two colored products, two colors or materials by bi injection molding technique. Multi color injection molding applications: Multi colored products, three or more colors or materials, by a single or more three colors injection  machine. Over Mold (two shot) injection molding applications: Two different material components, either obvious or inconspicuous.

Sinomould Co. Ltd.

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