Termites, like most other pests are uninvited guests who are living permanently in your houses while damaging it. They appear as small insects alone, but together when they are colonized, they can cause much damage to your properties than you can ever imagine. That’s why they are successful in their destruction and we fail in our pest controlling. They are fast, smart and it is very scarcely, you ever get yourselves saved from them. Termites first start colonizing in little means, but they can end up in millions of harmful termites living at the same place, together and that is also within a matter of very few days. These colonies so formed; can stay hidden for decades under your won furniture and they can survive for much longer times, slowly eating away your furniture and the wooden foundations of your house without you even noticing anything. And by the time you notice, it is all too late and you might require major repairs and replacements. Termites break down the dead trees in the jungles and feed on them. But since the humans are clearing up the forests and destroying their food sources, we find the termites eating up your furniture and woodworks instead. A mature queen termite can lay thousands of eggs every year and that’s how they build up their colonies so fast. And the queen can survive up to 25 years under the optimum conditions laying thousands of eggs thereby building a fortress or an army, literally which we cannot take simply and ignore. Having to think of it, US citizens annually spend about $2 million in the process of fighting against this termite issue with renovations, replacements and pest control so it is indeed not a small damage these little termites are causing.

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