Do CS students find love in college? When we asked, nearly 83% of graduate CS students said they had a long relationship during their bachelor’s studies, the mobile app that lets romantic couples share and discover their next date nights, conducted a “Love study” survey that discovered the romantic life of a typical CS student during college.

Let’s admit it. Programmers are geeks, or at least considered to have no social life during college (NO- Hackathons are not considered parties). When we imagine a freshman CS student we probably would picture a skinny “ninja” coding all night with a Star Trek poster on the wall, surrounded by a bunch of empty energy drink cans on top of numerous empty pizza boxes.

Curious to defeat the myth of a lonely CS student’ and their love life paired with the fact that the choice of a sophomore’s major rises in those days, the Weesh team decided to launch the “Love survey”. After over 250 BCS students’ participated in the survey, we can confirm that CS students may be geeks but they are without a doubt IN THE GAME of Love!


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