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Characteristics of Aquarius in Infographics

People born between 20 January and 18 February are governed by the constellation of the Water Bearer. Aquarians, whose foremost qualities are wisdom and humanity, are eccentric beings—they can be friendly one moment then become aloof the other. These people embody the symbol of their sign: the pouring of life’s essence into the world, especially of equality and individuality.

Aquarians are intelligent and intuitive, people who like mental battles, but they desire this not to prove their capacity or disprove another’s. They are only given to stimulating their minds—the vessel of their innate wisdom—that is why they are mostly attracted to those who can reach their mental capacity. Friends tag them as “know-it-all” individuals; to others, their cleverness may be perceived offensive.

Once their interest in someone progresses into a romantic relationship, they seek fun, trust, and loyalty in order to remain happy and tied. Aquarians are passionate in love and are into long-term partnerships. Communication is vital for them, so their partner must be a great communicator of ideas and feelings, since Aquarians tend to have futuristic ideas that detach them from the present. An Aquarian with a dominant Sun is the independent, stubborn, and intelligent type; while one with a dominant Moon is the more humanitarian, shy, loner, and unpredictable type.


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