Twenty four million people in the United States and seventy million people in the world suffer from this disorder, but few know extensive information about binge eating disorders. A condition characterized by reoccurring episodes of uncontrolled eating, binge eating disorders cause people to feel guilt, shame and depression after they have an episode. Some people may not even realize that they have an unhealthy relationship with food that can be considered disordered, so if you feel a loved one may be at risk for this disorder be on the lookout for those who eat excessively and then compensate for this by vomiting, excessive exercise, or abusing medications such as laxatives or diet pills. On the whole, women more commonly have either a binge eating or compulsive overeating disorder. One in 5 women suffer from some sort of eating disorder or dysfunctional relationship with food and 3.5% of all women will have a binge eating disorder at some point in their lifetime compared to 2% of men. Read the infographic below to get informed about binge eating and help a loved one who might be suffering.

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