When you think of Indian food, then there are innumerable dishes which come to your mind. Indian food is influenced by tons of flavors and ingredients belonging to various parts of this country. Every region in India has its staple cuisine. Due to the popularity of Indian food, you will find that it has reached ever corner of the globe.

In the middle-east as well, you will find that Indian food has created a new wave in the world of cuisine. Dubai is considered to be the heart of Indian food in the middle-east. In the middle-east, Dubai is considered to be the most popular city for sightseeing, economical shopping, tasting different cuisines, enjoying different cultures, and many more.

There are hundreds of reasons to enjoy if you plan to go for a vacation in Dubai. Some of the most popular tourist destinations are Global Village, Burj Khalifa, Jumeirah beach, Desert safari, and Mall of Emirates. If you get tired and hungry during your sightseeing and shopping, then you can grab a pizza in dubai. In addition to Indian food, you will also find a variety of delicacies from different countries.

There are many restaurants in Dubai which serve continental, Indian, Mexican, Chinese, Malaysian and Pakistani cuisines. Many people love eating Indian snacks, and there are various Indian restaurants in Dubai which serve Indian snacks. Dosa is the most popular south Indian snack in Dubai. This mouth watering dosa is served in different variants in Dubai.

When potato filling is stuffed in the crispy dosa, then it is termed as masala dosa. Palak masala dosa and rava masala dosa are some other popular forms of masala dosa. One of the cheapest and delicious Indian snacks served in Dubai is dosa. There is not much of effort needed to prepared the dosa, but the combination has to be right all the time. There are some restaurants in Dubai that have special Indian chefs who will exclusively prepare Indian food for the guests.

In addition to dosa, you will also find other rice items that are liked by the people of Dubai. Like dosa, you will find that idlies and medu vada is also very popular in Dubai. All these food items need proper fermentation, which gives them the characteristic tastes. You will immediately know if the batter is not fermented properly after you eat one morsel of the Indian foods. An Indian restaurant in Dubai is not very hard to find, but there are some really good ones that you should not miss out.

You can do some research on the internet and search of some good Indian restaurant names. Once you have a comprehensive list of Indian restaurants, you can visit them one by one and check out your favourite food items. There are some Indian restaurants that are also serving south Indian food on a banana leaf to give the authentic taste of India. You can find out the costs of these dishes on the online menus of these restaurants.

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