The Role of EKG Monitor Tech in ACLS


An EKG Monitor Tech Arcadia has to check the patient’s heart rate for any abnormal conditions. Normally his work is in a hospital, outpatient surgery centre or in a doctor’s office. Apart from that he also has to clean and maintain the equipment at its best.


Now-a-days, with the increasing cases of cardiovascular diseases, the role of EKG MONITOR TECH Montebello has become an important one. In large hospitals, a lot of patients having cardiovascular problems are kept in a separate unit called Telemetry where they are connected to EKG Machines either through wired or wireless and the EKG Monitor Tech Arcadia monitors the waves and vital signs of the patient at the monitor station and has to inform the nurse or doctor of any abnormalities. There is an ever demand for EKG Monitor Tech Arcadia and it is ideal to do this course if you have the patience, caring, listening skills, attentive, stress handling and good communication skills.


This helps the ACLS Los Angeles to plan the treatment for the cardiovascular patient. ACLS is the expansion of BLS including CPR and simple measures to stabilize the patient to receive elaborate medical care. ACLS involves a protocol consisting of the knowledge, skill and equipments in providing stabilisation to the patient who is in critical condition. Some of the ACLS Los Angeles procedures are intubation to open the airway and shocking with a defibrillator in order to regularise the heart rhythm. AHA also makes it mandatory for the healthcare professionals to certify themselves in ACLS. Unlike BLS, this is not open to layman.  Getting ACLS Rosemead certificate from the authorised Institute of AHA also enhances ones employment opportunity.

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