When plumbing goes wrong it can develop into a real nightmare creating annoying and expensive insurance claims and long term rising damp issues within the property walls. At plumbers Johannesburg we are constantly being called out for water leaks and faulty drains which could so easily in most cases have been prevented following some of the simple methods outlined in this pictorial chart we have put together.
Getting regular maintenance and health checks on the plumbing systems can avoid costly repair bills in the future as the saying goes an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and that is certainly true when it comes to plumbing! Simple things like ensuring the sediment is removed from your geyser can prevent blockages and potential geyser blow ups from happening. When your toilet backs up you can sometime simply remove blockages with vigorous use of a plunger to dislodge the offending material. However partial blockages that are left unattended can create weak joints within the pipe work and when that happens leaks are sure to follow which is the last area you want to find water leaking from (your waste pipes!).

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