When the death knell sounds for email, it’s usually because another study cites that young people prefer instant messaging or Facebook to email. That the latter is in serious decline. That nobody uses it anymore but old people.

This infographic shows that email is far from dead. Business usage is growing. The number of email accounts still beats those of IM and social networking. And for marketers considering ditching email for social campaigns, they do so at a hefty price: The ROI for email marketing is $40 for every $1 spent.

Email is one of the few standards of communications still completely open. Facebook, Google or Twitter are closed ecosystems, subject to regulation. Email, on the other hand, is a main artery. Anyone with an access to a server can open an email account and be within the ecosystem in minutes.

Having said that, email needs to evolve. The deluge is incredible: 107 trillion emails were sent in 2010 – that’s 15,000 emails for every person on the planet. All the things we turn to email for – quick conversations, sending reminders to ourselves, receiving newsletters – need to be improved in individual clients. They need to respond to our actual intention., which provided this infographic, is a San Francisco-based startup working on more sophisticated ways of filing attachments from Gmail. “We want to make manual filing a thing of the past,” says CEO Jesse Miller.

“I love all the efforts for revolutionizing the clients happening right now. Startups like and Minbox are making clients that will change how people see email. This means there’s a lot of room for experimentation and growth.”



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