Step 1 Functional Requirement Specification In this phase, we gather the clients project requirements deeper and go to the bottom of each system feature. In this phase, the project is completely understood, and SRS and functional documents is delivered with precise details on how we will provide our solutions to you. Step 2 Wireframe and Prototype Design It is our standard project execution procedure to start with development of wireframes for all user interfaces of the system, then accordingly create image designs of the pages and create prototype designs for the same. The designs will be prepared to provide a novel look to the system simultaneously following the decided standards. In parallel we take client’s approval on these designs to make any changes along with the feedback. Step 3 Application Architecture Design and Database Design Project management personnel will take up the crucial task of application architecture and database design in this phase. We create a database design to satisfy all business logic needs of the system and we prepare Class diagrams to pave a smooth path for coding and further phases of project execution. step 4 step 5 step 6 Step 4 Development In this phase project coding is done with strict abidance to all criteria set in previous phases. The project manager takes care through his daily, weekly and monthly meetings that all project goals are reached and the development is in good progress to complete on time. Step 5 Testing and QA While development, developers themselves test each part of the application separately and ensure that each unique path of the project performs accurately to the documented specifications and contains clearly defined inputs and expected results. On completion of development phase and after testing, QA team performs system testing to evaluate the system`s compliance with its specified requirements Step 6 Deployment to Live Server Upon approval that the system on the Demo server is satisfying client requirements, we will upload the system to the live server. Generally, we break the complete project into modules. Once development of a module is finished, we release the demo to the client for review and continue working on the next module. This helps clients in assessing the progress as well as verifying the application at early stage so that we can fix the issues in parallel. We can take multiple modules in development simultaneously.

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