Who would have thought social media would have such dramatic repercussions not only in the online world but across businesses large and small, individuals and entire governments? A life-changing evolution in the way we communicate, the power of social media has been used to dramatic effect, both in positive and negative ways.

Although still in its infancy, social media’s incredible growth which continues today can be considered history in the making. We are in the early stages of the  social age, and this selection of infographics gives some fascinating insight into the phenomenal growth and usage of the new media we are now so accustomed to.

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1. WordPress Evolution

wordpress infographic Social Media Infographic1 500x2055% infographic

2. The Rise of WordPress

Wordpress History Social Media Infographic1 500x2242% infographic

 3. Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth Visualised Social Media Infographic1 500x432% infographic

 4. Women in Social Media

Women in Social Media Infographic1 500x924% infographic

 5. Twitter Users

Who Uses Twitter Social Media Infographic1 500x990% infographic

 6. When Social Media Attacks

When Social Media Attacks Infographic1 500x375% infographic

 7. Profiles of Twitter Users

Twitter Users Profiles Social Media Infographic1 500x375% infographic

 8. Twitter Map

Twitter Territory Social Media Infographic1 500x492% infographic

 9. Twitter Condensed

Twitter Stats Social Media Infographic1 380x1024% infographic

 10. Twitter PR

Twitter PR Strategy Social Media Infographic1 500x400% infographic

 11. History of Twitter

Twitter Story So Far Social Media Infographic1 500x1500% infographic

 12. Companies with Biggest Social Presence

Top 50 Social Companies Social Media Infographic1 500x1188% infographic

 13. Social Media Usage

Time Spent Online Social Media Infographic1 500x894% infographic

 14. The Art of Listening

The Art of Listening Social Media Infographic1 500x467% infographic

 15. Internet in Numbers

State of the Internet Social Media Infographic1 500x1458% infographic

 16. Online Friendship

Spectrum of Online Friendship Infographic2 500x386% infographic

 17. Social Revolution

Social Revolution Media Infographic1 500x823% infographic

 18. Social Media Ad Spend

Social Networking Ad Spending Infographic1 500x465% infographic

 19. A Year of Twitter

Social Media Year of Twitter Infographic1 500x2069% infographic

20. Social Media in Numbers

Social Media World Statistics Infographic1 500x3073% infographic

 21. Social Media Valuations

Social Media valuations Infographic1 500x1768% infographic

 22. Demographics

Social Media Usage Infographic1 500x1462% infographic

 23. Social Media Stats

Social Media Statistics Infographic2 500x1022% infographic

 24. Social Networks in Numbers

Social Media State of networks Infographic1 500x2814% infographic

 25. Social Media for Small & Medium Sized Businesses

Social Media Spending Infographic1 500x3384% infographic

 26. Small Business Social Media Breakdown

Social Media Small Business Infographic1 500x1906% infographic

 27. Social Media Revised

Social Media Revised Infographic1 500x688% infographic

 28. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Infographic2 500x1526% infographic

 29. Map of Social Networks

Social Media Map Infographic1 500x355% infographic

 30. Social Loyalty

Social Media Loyalty Infographic1 500x2333% infographic

 31. LinkedIn Lowdown

Social Media LinkedIn Infographic1 500x2142% infographic

 32. Social Media Landscape in China

Social Media Landscape China Infographic1 500x353% infographic

 33. Transparency VS Anonimity

Social Media Internet Identity Infographic1 500x1460% infographic

 34. 40 Years in the Making

Social Media history Infographic1 500x1630% infographic

 35. The Social Scene in 2011

Social Media High School Infographic1 500x1561% infographic

 36. Social Media Explosion

Social Media growth Infographic1 500x4398% infographic

 37. The Rise and Fall of Groupon

Social Media Groupon Infographic1 500x1875% infographic

 38. Foursquare VS Gowalla

Social Media Gowalla Foursquare Infographic1 500x1042% infographic

 39. Social Media in B2B

Social Media for B2B Infographic1 500x250% infographic

 40. Social Media for Airlines

Social Media for Airlines Infographic1 500x2977% infographic

 41. Facebook VS Twitter

Social Media Facebook VS Twitter Infographic1 500x1100% infographic

 42. Social Emergency

Social Media emergency Infographic1 500x324% infographic

 43. Social Media Effect

Social Media Effect Infographic1 500x500% infographic

 44. Time Spent Online

Social Media Diet Infographic1 500x584% infographic

 45. More Demographics

Social Media Demographics Infographic1 500x375% infographic

 46. Media Consumers

Social Media Consumers Infographic1 500x438% infographic

 47. WordPress Evolution

Social Media Consumer Infographic1 500x438% infographic

 48. Social Compass

Social Media Compass Infographic1 500x668% infographic

 49. Social Media for Business

Social Media Company Guide Infographic1 348x1024% infographic

 50. More Social Media for Business

Social Media Business Tips Infographic1 500x748% infographic

 51. Social Media Addiction

Social Media Addiction Infographic1 500x500% infographic

 52. Engagement Through Media

Social Engagement Spectrum Infographic2 500x359% infographic

 53. Small Business Usage

Small Business Social Media Infographic1 500x2606% infographic

 54. Facebook Mobile Evolution

rise of facebook mobile Social Media Infographic1 500x1683% infographic

 55. The Rise of Twitter

Rise of Twitter Social Media Infographic1 500x2152% infographic

 56. Social Media in Real Estate

Real Estate Social Media Infographic1 500x1785% infographic

 57. Marketing Trifecta

New Marketing Trifecta Social Media Infographic1 500x375% infographic

 58. ‘Mocial’

Mobile Internet Social Media Infographic1 500x1290% infographic

 59. Tweet Map

Journey of a Tweet Social Media Infographic1 500x471% infographic

 60. A Day in the Life of The Internet

Internet in Numbers Social Media Infographic1 500x1623% infographic

 61. Social Media Usage in Fortune 100s

How Companies are Leveraging Social Media Infographic1 500x1426% infographic

 62. Twitter Usage

How People Tweet Social Media Infographic1 500x1119% infographic

 63. Social Media History

History of Social Networking Social Media Infographic1 500x3141% infographic

 64. Hierarchy of Online Distractions

Hierarchy of Online Distractions Social Media Infographic1 500x530% infographic

 65. Google by Numbers

Google Facts and Figures Social Media Infographic1 500x3412% infographic

66. Gender Balance

Gender Balance Social Media Infographic1 500x917% infographic

 67. Facebook Factbook

facebook viz big Social Media Infographic1 500x1361% infographic

 68. World of Facebook

facebook statistics Social Media Infographic1 500x3181% infographic

 69. Facebook & Relationships

facebook relationships Social Media Infographic1 500x2248% infographic

 70. Facebook Games

facebook games statistics Social Media Infographic1 500x2664% infographic

 71. More Facebook Facts

facebook facts Social Media Infographic1 500x2500% infographic

 72. Facebook VS Twitter

Facebook vs Twitter Social Media Infographic1 500x406% infographic

 73. Facebook Leads Sharing

Facebook Leads Sharing Social Media Infographic1 500x368% infographic

 74. Facebook Global Penetration

Facebook Domination Social Media Infographic1 500x395% infographic

 75. More Demographics!

Demographics Social Media Infographic1 500x375% infographic

 76. Communication Intimacy

Communication Intimacy v1% infographic

 77. Social for business

CMO Social Guide Social Media Infographic1 500x860% infographic

 78. More Social for Business

Building a Business with Social Media Infographic1% infographic

 79. Social ‘Brandsphere’

Brandsphere Social Media Infographic1 500x375% infographic

 80. Engagement

Brand Engagement Social Media Infographic1 500x800% infographic

 81. The Boom

Boom of Social Sites Social Media Infographic1 500x2600% infographic

 82. The Blogosphere

blogosphere Social Media Infographic1 500x1357% infographic

 83. ‘Behaviourgraphics’

Behaviourographics Social Media Infographic1 500x393% infographic

 84. Age Distribution

Age Distribution Social Media Infographic1 500x431% infographic

 85. A Year of Twitter

a Year of Twitter Social Media Infographic1 500x2069% infographic

PinExt% infographic

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