Body art has many different associations, and tattooing is no exception. Most people compare body art to modern culture or fringe subcultures, but the truth of the matter is that tattooing has become much more mainstream. Still, despite the fact that there is a new tattoo shop opening somewhere in the United States every day, many people assume tattooing is still obscure. This infograhpic helps shed more light on who’s getting a tattoo as well as detailed information about tattooing.

The first modern tattoo machine was invented in 1891, and its rapid movement was patterned off of an autographic printer designed by Thomas Edison. Before the tattoo machine was invented, people used any sharp pointed object they could to puncture the skin and insert the ink. This might be why tattoos are associated with deviant behavior, since the British regarded the practice as self-mutilation.

Have you ever wondered why so many people are trying their hand at tattooing? Without discussing a tattooer’s love of the art and tradition, the money can be a significant factor for some. Most tattoo artists charge about 150 dollars per hour. This is not quite a king’s ransom when you consider the cost of materials and downtime, but a lot of customers will pay in cash. Since tattoo artists are used to having a little extra cash in their pockets, you can imagine the allure it has for many young people. This doesn’t mean tattoo artists are raking in the dough. A small tattoo will take less than an hour and might run you as little as 45 dollars. When you take into account the setup time and cost of materials, most tattoo artists are really seeing $20-25 per hour for their skills.

If you want to learn more about the truth of tattoos in America, just check out the infographic!


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