With London 2012 upon us, the UK is has had to gear up to become the temporary hub of worldwide athletics.  Thousands of top international athletes are competing to best both their contemporaries and also the records of their most talented predecessors.  But even while these Olympians strive to make their marks on the history of sports––and the eyes of the world eagerly watch––the vast majority of us are nonetheless forced to focus our attentions on more practical and mundane concerns.  The overcrowded Underground, for example.  Or perhaps a suddenly booming family business. For many UK residents, the reality of hosting the Olympics in their homeland entails a number of impacts to their daily lives.  For some, this means a tougher commute to work.  For others, it spells salvation for their struggling business. Policy Expert recently conducted an extensive survey to determine how Brits feel about the upcoming Games, asking about everything from excitement levels to their confidence in Olympic security.  The statistics they found were surprising.


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