One of the best places to enjoy winter sports is Canada. Here, you will find the world’s finest opportunities for all snow related outdoor activities. Every year you will find thousands of skiers, climbers, snowboarders and snow mobile riders visiting the mountains of Canada to grab a taste of adventure. All snow clad mountains in Canada may not be safe. There are some mountains that witness avalanches and other dangers.

So, you will have to be completely prepared for all atrocities of nature. When you have a good look at some mountaineering training institutes, you will find that there will be avalanche skills training courses specially designed for beginners as well as experts. There are many mountaineers who may be experts in climbing, but when it comes to avalanches, there are many unforeseen dangers that need to be avoided.

The Avalanche Skills Training or AST training comprises various levels. The two most common levels are the Level 1 and the Level 2 AST. The AST Level 1 training comprises a minimum of seven hours of classroom based training and one full day of on-field training. The level 1 course comprises backcountry avalanche awareness and companion rescue. The Level 2 AST is considered to be a higher level for the AST. This course has a minimum of 9.5 hours of classroom based training and three days of field instruction.

If you love skiing, you should try out the Backcountry Skiing Canada options. There are some fantastic ski resorts that have really good Backcountry Skiing courses for beginners, intermediates and experts as well. If you are heading towards the backcountry, avalanche skills training is a must. So, make sure that you have the knowledge and skills to tackle avalanches when you are going for the Backcountry Skiing in Canada. If you are not very sure of Backcountry Skiing, you can also hire a Backcountry Skiing guide to help you out.

If you are planning for a skiing holiday, then Canada is the best place to be in. Not all people can take time out for the skiing escapades. But for those who can, there is ultimate pleasure and excitement. There are some short term courses that will give you basic knowledge of skiing. Skiing Courses and Tours has become very popular these days mainly because of the facilities and the interest of people. When you enroll for the best skiing courses, you will surely get best guidance from the expert skiers from the Skiing training camps. These trainers will take you to the safest parts of the mountains for you to learn skiing with total safety.

Canada is best known for the ski resorts and they hospitality being offered by them. There is no shortage of snowfall in Canada. So, you can find plenty of places where you can get the best steeps for your skiing excitements. If you are visiting Canada for the first time, you will be amazed at the amazing lift infrastructure and facilities that are being offered at reasonable rates.

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