It is true that the least element in your house which receives your attention is your carpets. It is mostly due to the fat that the carpets do not show off easily when they get dirty and they are just supposed to lie on the floor, under our footsteps all the time so no one else is going to notice how old and unclean your carpets are. This is the idea about carpets on most of yours’ minds. But have you ever thought that the very same reason your kids get sick all the time and you feel allergies or like asthma could be the ignored carpets you once thought harmless? Though you didn’t know, carpets are like reservoirs of bacteria, allergens and molds which could be major health hazards causing dangerous health risks most of the times. Dirty carpets in the home can contain an incredible number of parasitic organisms living inside which can cause allergies, athlete’s foot and irritations in the nose. Carpets with a lot of dust accumulated can cause stomach flu and many digestive issues. If your carpet is full of chemical toxins (left out from bad carpet cleaning practices or services) and harmful bacteria you might get affected by the Kawasaki syndrome which can cause physical disabilities and even end up in death. Not only dry and dusty carpets, even damp carpets can be dangerous and causing trouble mostly during the winter times. Campylobacteriosis, Asthma and respiratory inflammation are the health risks caused by damp carpets during rainy or winter seasons.

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