Ever dream of travelling the world? Is budget a problem? Well it’s not really because we at Travel Centre UK have found that there are extraordinary holiday destinations that you can travel to on a very cost effective package.

We have selected 7 of the best and cheapest locations from around the world. Old world charm to the exotic is on offer covering destinations such as Slovakia, Bahamas and Thailand. Read on and select a destination that is just right for you.

1. Mexico

Spicy, sunny and loads of fun is Mexico. Mexico City, Oaxaca, Monterrey and Ensenada are some of the most affordable cities. Cancun is a haven of resorts for vacationing on a low budget. Head on to Mexico and enjoy lazy days on the sunny beaches, cruises, exploring villages and exotic cuisine. 

2. Slovakia

Enjoy exploring old castles, learning about old world culture and marveling at the natural beauty of Slovakia. Plan your trip during Mardi Gras for a taste of local festivities, great food and wine in the 8th cheapest city.

3. Thailand

Exotic, beautiful Thailand is ranked the 3rd cheapest city. Mouth-watering cuisine, luxurious spas, street-stalls, jungle treks and beautiful sites await the budget traveler in Thailand.

4. The Bahamas

Enjoy a Caribbean summer this winter, in sunny Bahamas where super cheap accommodation meets budget cruises and a host of free attractions such as Cabbage Beach, Port Lucaya Market etc.

5. New Orleans

Hip Jazz clubs, historical buildings and delicious local cuisine awaits the budget traveler in New Orleans. Mardi Gras, Halloween and French Quarter Festival are great attractions.

6. Phoenix

An ideal year-round holiday destination. Golfing, exploring the Apache trail and hiking up Camelback Mountain are some of Phoenix’s’ main attractions.

7. Las Vegas

A destination for all, apart from gambling Las Vegas provides plenty of attractions from Circus Circus to Freemont Street Experience. You will find plenty of budget accommodation away from The Strip while enjoying the full Las Vegas experience.

So, what’s holding you back? Get onto Travel Centre UK and book a cheap flight to the exotic destination of your choice.

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