Infogrpahics are the ‘next big thing’ on the web. These informative blog-post like pictures would be narrating your whole idea while making it more attractive. Nonetheless, infographics are more visually attractive, which helps you in retaining the ideas for long. What you are reading in this blog post is easier to forget. However, if we present the same with a very catchy title, bold colors and possibly some characters or artwork, you would be more attracted to the post and would remember the ideas for a longer duration of time. In short, we can say that infographics have a longer shelf life in your brain. So why do you opt for infographics? Why not simply write a text or record a podcast?


The answer is really simple. An infographic is everything that text, voice and even video are not. It is a complete package. As the internet is becoming a huge part of our lives, we are getting more inclined towards visually attractive things. An infographics is definitely attractive and it presents the ideas in a very creative manner as well. Let us have a look at all the reasons why you should be opting for infographics.

  • Infographics can easily be shared- a large chunk of our internet activities are connected with our social media networks. We like to tweet things, like posts and +1 everything that we like. The infographics are quite shareable and have a good record on the social media circles as well. Publishing, tweeting or posting them is easy and republishing or retweeting them is even easier. Therefore, there are higher chances of your ideas becoming more shareable and going viral. If you are promoting something and need some SEO advantage, there can clearly be nothing better an infographic.
  • Infographics are good link baits- infographics can not only be shared but frequently republished as well. Therefore, you can expect a lot of good links being generated for you with little effort. You can link the infographic to your homepage or to your specific landing pages. This would help in increasing the website traffic and give it an SEO boost as well. No wonders, search engines would definitely note your presence on the internet.
  • They can be used for brand awareness- interesting and catchy infographics can also be used for creating brand awareness amongst the target audience. The exposure that you can get from a single infographic is enough to retain the brand name in the minds of the viewers, thereby creating brand awareness.