10 Largest Container Carriers in the World

In this world which is called ‘a global village’, each country is endeavoring to reach the zenith of economic prosperity by increasing trade with the rest of the world. To make it happen, container ships are used as the most economical means of importing and exporting goods. These ships can carry huge amount of cargo from one shore to another in the form of truck sized containers. They are available in different sizes, and in fact, some of them are so big that only a limited number of ports can accommodate them. These container carriers have proved a very efficient means of doing trade at cheaper costs. In spite of the availability of air planes, usage of container ships speaks volumes of their reliability and cost effectiveness which is the core of any business. The following infographic has been developed to give you a good account of ten largest container carriers in the world with a high capacity and ability to move through the oceans and seas with heaps of freight on them.


Infographic Source: http://www.astarcargo.co.uk/blog/10-largest-container-carriers-world/

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