16 Differences Between Resins for Art

Are you a beginner at resin art?

Have you ever struggled when choosing the proper resin for your art projects?

If the answer is yes then check out this infographic of Uncovering the Differences of Resins for Art. It elaborates on the differences between different resin types from 18 factors. Epoxy resin, UV resin, polyurethane resin, and polyester resin are used widely in the art field but they can be quite different. UV resin and epoxy resin are expensive kinds of resin.

They are crystal clear after cured and this gives your art projects a glossy finish. Most of these resins harden by mixing resin and hardeners except UV resin. It only cures when exposed to UV light, which led to it being able to provide sufficient time for the operation.

Polyurethane resin and polyester resin are cheap and good for projects that don’t require a transparent finish. However, they are super moisture sensitive and need to be stored very carefully. Check this infographic for a clear comparison and useful insights about choosing the proper resin.

Uncovering the Differences of Resins for Art

Infographic Source: https://www.intoresin.com/blogs/intoresin-guide/what-is-resin-art

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