25 Coding Apps for Kids Under 8

Did you know that coding can help kids develop their problem-solving and critical thinking skills? Did you know that you can introduce them to programming at a very early age?

Maybe you are looking for a way to make the kids’ screen time a bit more educational.

You can do all that with these 25 coding apps for kids under 8. The children will be introduced to sequencing and programming while playing, or even creating their own game.

The list is sorted by age and makes it easier for parents and teachers to identify which apps are relevant for each child.

With coding and technology everywhere around us, it is better to offer kids a head start, while there brain is malleable and they can easily pick up new skills or languages. And even if they end up choosing another path, they would have learned some very useful skills they will be able to use in any field.


Infographic Source: https://curiousandgeeks.com/coding-apps-for-kids/

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