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60 Wedding Souvenirs Under Php 100 Each

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Weddings are definitely not the cheapest thing to plan. You will need to make some budget cuts, but your wedding souvenirs shouldn’t be one of them. These mementos show appreciation to the guests who put their schedules on hold just to witness you tie the knot with your loved one. With these loved ones supporting your relationship, don’t you think they deserve something to remember your special day by?

Don’t scrap out wedding favors out of your budget. In fact, all you need is 100 pesos set aside for every person to give them something that they would absolutely love and be happy to take home with them. Whether you choose to make them yourself, customize bought items, or order online in bulks, it is definitely financially possible to squeeze these mementos in.

Stumped on what to get? Don’t worry. Here is an infographic of 60 affordable options that can fit the theme of any wedding perfectly.

60 Wedding Souvenirs Under Php 100 Each

Infographic Source: http://farmhillsgarden.com/blog/wedding-souvenirs-under-100-each/

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