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7 Great Marathons From Around the World

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Seasoned runner or first-timer, take on a marathon and you’re in an elite club.

26 miles, 385 yards of sheer endurance. Marathon running is the ultimate test of stamina. Athletes train for months just to compete in a race, let alone finish one.

Your mental and physical boundaries will be pushed to the limit. But whether you shave precious seconds off a PB or vie just to cross the finish line–it’ll feel phenomenal.

In honour of marathoners everywhere, here are 7 of the greatest races from around the globe.

This infographic pulls data from some of the biggest races around the world, including the number of entrants/finishers, the nationality of the fastest runners and fastest ever finish time. Highlighting which races are harder than others through the ‘% finished’ statistic. Comparing these events gives you a full view of what you’re up against should you decide to compete, and a benchmark race time.

Feeling brave? Share your own race and finish time.

7 great marathons from around the world

Infographic Source: https://soles.michelin.com/infographic-7-great-marathons-from-around-the-world/

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