A Guide To Avoiding Hidden Car Hire Fees

Whether you’re hiring a small car, a 7 seater or a people carrier, there are many often unexpected car hire fees that can catch you out if you’re not used to renting a car, including unexpected insurance excess charges, large security deposit amounts, extra charges for fuel, charges for using a debit card if you have no credit card and many other charges you might not know about.

StressFreeCarRental.com carried out a survey of car rental customers that highlighted the fact that 87% of customers renting a car in the UK were not aware of the insurance excess or security deposit amounts, which can sometimes be as high as 2500 EUROs. We created this handy guide to help you to avoid these hidden fees.

A guide to avoiding hidden car hire fees

Infographic Source: https://www.stressfreecarrental.com/en/handy-guide-of-hidden-fees-to-look-out-for-when-hiring-a-car

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