Things You didn’t Know about the COVID19 Mutation

COVID-19 took center stage in 2020, affecting all 195 countries made me wonder if this virus could mutate any further. And well, the answer this 2021 was a big Y-E-S. The virus indeed has mutated into not only one but three variants. This news made me look for a pcr test near me just if a friend would need one because prevention is still better than cure!

The three new strains found in countries, namely, the UK, South Africa, and Brazil that worries experts about the fast spread of these mutations, it does not seem that the illness contracted by patients displaying symptoms is worse. That is why scientists, microbiologists, and other health care experts work round the clock to observe these bacteria’s behavior.

And as vaccines are distributed in different parts of the world, the world economy is slowly trying to cope. Restricted travel and flights are now back, observing proper health protocols, plus a proof of a COVID fit to fly certificate from travelers.

People around the world over are indeed embracing the new normal, but there is a lot more that we need to know, and with this infographic let us tell you more.


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