All About Wine: Facts, Figures, and Health Benefits

Wine is made from grape juice, and by adding yeast to it, it turns into alcohol. So, although wine is mostly composed of alcohol, the extraordinary method of wine making gives it a distinct taste that people love. In fact, wine is a staple drink in many social events. The two most popular types of wine are red wine and white wine, although there are several other types under them based on the techniques used in producing them.

As such, before one can become a wine expert or sommelier, he/she has to spend years trying to learn everything about wines—from color to scent and food pairings. For example, the distinct vanilla flavor in white wines like Chardonnay makes it an excellent pair for assorted types of cheese.

For red wines like Merlot, the best foods that can balance the slightly bitter taste of the wine are those with high fat content. If you’re worried that including saturated fat and cholesterol in the food that you eat is not a healthy thing to do, you’d be glad to know that drinking wine in moderation is associated with good health.

Although the issue of promoting alcoholic beverages like wine as a healthy drink is rather controversial, numerous studies have already supported the idea that it is good and safe for health thanks to the organic compounds found in grapes. These compounds have anti-inflammatory properties, so the risk for unwanted conditions like heart disease and cancers is reduced.

The antioxidants in wine also help in preventing cellular damage. Because of these wine facts, people appreciate wine drinking even more. Some people also claim that they feel relaxed when they drink wine, perhaps because wine drinking is not meant to be done hastily. Here are other fun and interesting facts about wine and its benefits to health.

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