Are AV’s The Future Of Transportation?

Fortune published an article recently listing the cities where self-driving cars would be most practical. A quick read through would surprise even the most seasoned enthusiast – cities one would think should belong at the top of the list are closer to the bottom. But what truly grabs one’s attention is the sheer amount of data and scoring to determine which cities are the most AV-friendly.

That leads to this point: There are plenty of urban centres across the country that already have infrastructures to allow AVs to roam through their streets. And for those who are doubtful, even fearful of having these cars drive past them, a closer look at the numbers and advantages of driverless cars may help them understand why city officials are so eager.

The infographic entitled, “To Drive or Be Driven”, created by Ontario-based car loan company, Auto Loan Solutions, has its own list of numbers to support the use of AV technology.

A look through this piece will likely startle you with some data you haven’t seen before. Every day, new numbers pour in as researchers connect self driving cars to advances in various industries and sectors. So this infographic may just burn some of those impressive figures in your mind.

And for those of you who have seen stats like these before, the personal benefits of driverless cars will catch your eye. With so many headlines swarming the web about AVs, it’s easy to miss out on the reports that show how these cars may improve everyday tasks in our lives, improvements this infographic will highlight.

Ultimately, your awareness of the stats (or unawareness) in this piece is not what matters. This infographic, at its core, is about validating the hope of self driving cars making our cities safer and more efficient.

Take a moment or two to look and digest the contents of Auto Loan Solutions “To Drive or Be Driven”. You will no doubt see good reasons as to why your own city hall has also embraced the notion of driverless fleets on its streets.


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