Automatic Gates Installation and Value Addition to Houses

Automatic gates are a little more than a status symbol. These gates add exclusivity and obviously security. The modern day living, especially if you have a large property, big, fat but remote operated gates send a clear message to outsiders: it is us and you are them. Automatic gates are a new trend; people want to know that they are important, but it is more than a showing you exclusivity but a sense of security.

The market of automatic gates in Australia is increasing in a steady pace every year. They are now become the latest aspirational accessory for people, to show a separate identity for houses and to create jobs much difficult for burglars.

Automatic Gates Installation

Will automatic gates add value to residential properties?

It all depends on the location of property. But installing an automatic gate will surely create an additional value to your home from financial point standpoint. Many areas in Australia including big cities like Melbourne, Sydney and others, without hi-tech gates, the properties are lost causes. So, even if you don’t necessarily feel to create a security shield around your property, these gates bring your property to an expected standard. The properties with automatic gates Melbourne might help to sell it faster.


It is not wise to install a huge expensive driveway then decide to install your gate. For an automatic gate, the driveway has to be dug up to lay service cables. Consult an installer about your specific needs before you come to an agreement about the system. There are many systems available such as swing or sliding gate. Also, check with the company whether there is any override for emergency access.

Another important thing is automatic gates alone can’t prevent a determined burglar. Yes, it is very effective weaponry along with fences and alarm system.

Controlling automatic gates

Controlling automatic gates are no big deal. It comes with many options such as card readers, keypads, vehicle tag readers, wireless transmitters. In the latest technology, your can connect your electric gate with a smartphone. Similar to smart locks, the device can give access to your other people like family members, friends or temporary access to contractors.

Types of automatic gates

Slide gates

Slide gates move on a level plane on wheels or rollers to one side or right of the garage. You’ll require enough room in favour of the carport to suit the entryway when it’s open. Likewise, in light of the fact that this kind of entryway depends on rollers for development, it’s vulnerable to blockage from debris, for example, leaves, branches and ice.

Swing Gates

A swing gate is like an entryway, opening relies on one side of the driveway. These can incorporate a solitary entryway that covers the opening separation, or a twofold swing door that opens amidst the carport (like French entryways). If the driveway is slanted, the bi-separating gates work best. These entryways can swing outward or internal, simply make certain there’s sufficient room whichever way you choose it ought to open.

Consideration before installing an automatic gate

You have to be realistic before installing an automatic gate. First, not every property is designed by big electric gates. The electric wiring goes under the driveway, so the driveway must be fully prepared for it. Moreover, electric or automatic gates are generally big and need good support from pillars.

Before installing you need to consider the total infrastructure cost of it. You might need a renovation in your driveway or pillars. Also, your driveway should have enough room to accommodate at least two hatchbacks. You don’t want your car’s end to stick out in traffic causing a jam.

Always ensure your gate and fence; both are wide enough to carry in delivery trucks and emergency vehicles. Generally, you need a permission to install the gate, all emergency departments such as post office, fire departments, government utility companies have their standards. You must take a proper brief before you can finalise your decision.

You can also find a professional consultant to check all basic things. They can also guide you to buy the best product if you are not sure. Lastly, automatic gates are not full-proof, though it greatly helps to keep your property secured, so you need additional alarm system, possibly good fences to support your gate.

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