Automotive CMOS Sensors: Why it’s Better than CCD Sensors?

Digital imaging solutions have been changing in the past years especially in terms of price. Both the public and industrial sectors have noticed some drops in the prices of several camera components such as image sensors. Some people believed that the reason behind these recent changes is due to the introduction of modern versions of image sensors like the CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor).

CMOS sensors revolutionized the camera and film industry through its affordability that made it much more available for public use. Moreover, cameras with CMOS sensors became much more common as it allows some features that enhance the device’s low light performance which is essential in capturing higher quality images.

Former versions of image sensors like the CCD is now slowly being overshadowed by the amazingly new perks brought by the CMOS.

The infographic below created and designed by OmniVision will give you more information as to why CMOS Sensors are much better than CCD sensors especially in terms of the technology’s applications on the automotive industry.


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