The 21 Biggest Data Breaches of the 21st Century

Some of the world’s largest retailers, including Target and Home Depot, have been victims of very sophisticated attacks. Target alone saw the confidential data of 110 million customers compromised in 2013. But just because your business is not a multinational corporation, never assume you’re in the clear. According to the National Cyber Security Alliance, more than 70% of hackers deliberately target small businesses.

Cybercrime is a serious threat to large companies and smaller organizations alike. Data breaches can be triggered by a number of things, including the following:

Poorly designed networks and software applications
Weak passwords that can be easily decoded
Loss or theft of a corporate asset, such as a laptop or USB key

We’ve designed an infographic to illustrate some of the most sophisticated cyber attacks of the 21st century. You’ll not only see the number of people that were affected, but the vulnerabilities that were exploited to infiltrate company databases.

Types of cyberattacks vary from year to year. But according to Symantec, cryptocurrency coin mining has become quite popular recently. Through this type of malicious activity, hackers can gain access to sensitive data embedded on victims’ computers. Over time, cybercrime will become increasingly sophisticated — highlighting the need for businesses to remain diligent in protecting their assets.

A reputable security firm can help your organization stay on top of the latest cyber trends. Regular risk assessments, software installations and data encryption are just some of the services that professionals can offer. Although investing in cybersecurity may seem overwhelming, a data breach could cripple your entire business — making the investment worth it in the long run.


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