Billion Dollar Companies That Started in Garage

Have you thought about building your company in someone’s garage? In someone’s shabby and rickety garage? The mammoth like companies like Amazon, Apple, Google, Disney and others just did so! You can’t imagine that? Bet you can’t. Have a look at the info-graphic that shows their lifetime from a garage to the top. They have achieved amazing results! And it took them so little time!
With the immense power of the digital technologies, they became renowned and famous. They are talked about everywhere in the world. Does anyone know that they were made up in garages? Unlikely. They might have started everywhere, but not in the garage? Apple and a garage – that seems to be nonsense.
Business can be powerful, it can be weak. But that’s you who make it such. Make your company thriving. Make it prosper.

Get inspired by the maturity of these giants! All of them started from zero, but with devotion, motivation and creativity they took everything from this world. Interested? You can definitely achieve the same. With all belief you have to contribute to your start-up.


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