Building a Good Credit Score

Your credit score is one of the biggest factors in your financial future. A poor credit score can make it difficult to secure a loan, a mortgage or a good insurance rate. In turn, you might be offered less than ideal loans or insurance policies, typically with higher interest rates. Battling rates is a daily headache that no one wants to deal with. Taking preemptive measures to ensure your credit score is as good as possible will save you time, money and stress when you’re dealing with banks or landlords.

Keeping your credit score high involves long term diligence. You have to be on point about paying your credit card balance on time, not opening too many accounts at once, and keeping legacy accounts open. This will prove that you’re conscious of your financial status over time, and are proactive about paying off balances. Having a high credit score will make you an ideal candidate when it comes to securing a mortgage, loan or insurance policy. It’s worth dollars and sense to maintain that credit score!


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