Bulgarian Citizenship Opportunity – Better Income & Better Life!

“From the medieval battles to chic cocktail bars, Bulgaria’s oldest city; VelikoTarnovo has all the reasons you need to apply for Bulgaria citizenship.”

VelikoTarnovois known as Bulgaria’s former capital with a history that echoes from every corner of the town. As you move along the old lanes and crumbling citadel, there’s a distinct charisma that can’t be missed. However with time, the place also knows how to host the best party that attracts every traveler.


From the dramatic Tsarevets Fortress to fine dining and handicraft shopping, spending just a weekend here will surely inspire you to apply for Bulgaria citizenship and dig deeper into the magnificent history.

The Tsarevets Fortress & around

If you wish to relive VelikoTârnovo’sglorious days of medieval age, just visit Tsarevets Fortress. It was once a stronghold of Bulgaria’s huge empire, mostly during the 11th and 12th century. Luckily, fortress has been restored and among the famous historical tourist spots. To explore the city further, let Tsarevets Fortress be the starting point.

More or less 18 churches, above dozen and a palace stood here once but the coming of the Turks in 14th century left nothing but rubble. It was in 20th century when restoration brought much of the grandeur back. Battered walls of the fortress and posed canons can be seen if you look inside the Cathedral of the Holy Ascension of God. It’s built on the foundations of a Christian sanctuary from the early years.

The surrounding view from here is simply magnificent and ought to leave you baffled! VelikoTarnovois encircled by dense forest hills, neatly creased in the Yantra River that offers a panoramic view of the Tsarevets. When hunger strikes after exploring around, head to the nearby Ivan Asenrestaurant and dig in the plate of Satch (hot, sizzling plate of vegetable and meat).

SamovodskaCharshiyais the city’s most enchanting quarter where market once, was crowded with fruit, vegetable and wool vendors. It turned into a major crafts centre during the 19th century, now thriving with leatherwork, silversmith and ceramic products. Some other traditional goods that endured from the past are jewellery, hair-and-wood masks, soft and comfortable belts.

The Turkish-style coffee here is best, touched with a rose and lokum (pistachio Turkish delight). Enjoy dinner at Han HadjiNikoli; a super Bulgarian inn that has been an icon since the mid-19th century. The western end of Ul-Rakovskiwill take you to Ul-Nezavisimostand Ul-Stambolov that are indeed crowded but some of the best bars can be accessed here.

Sammy’s Barhere serves the finest range of fruit cocktail and the environment is simply amazing with a terrace overlooking the river. VelikoTarnovoat night time is like something out of a fairy-tale; soft lights, cool breeze and the feel of grand days will raise your hair with excitement.

Don’t miss the Sound & Light Show which lights up the Tsarevets Fortress in green and scarlet backed by the booming of cannons!


Indeed, VelikoTarnovohas all it takes to provoke you for Bulgaria citizenship.

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