E- Waste Recycling Methods


Unfortunately, e-waste has become a large problem as consumers continue to upgrade their devices for the most up-to-date models. If old hardware is not disposed of correctly, it can lead to health problems or environmental hazards. The number of e-waste materials being disposed of is expected to increase to 59.6 …

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Why Print Matters


During the last two decades, the Internet has changed and transformed almost every part of our lives. It is true that we currently do most of the things online, but it is also true that this did not make us like traditional ways of doing things less. For example, reading …

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20 Small Scale Business Ideas For 2019


Small businesses drive Canada’s economy. What would Canada be without the small businesses consumers love and follow? Being an entrepreneur isn’t for the faint of heart; it takes real drive, and acceptance of risk. There’s no more rewarding profession for people who love being in the driver’s seat of their …

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Reactive vs Preventive vs Predictive Maintenance


Any production facility will, sooner or later, have to decide which maintenance strategy it wants to use. While there are many different types of maintenance out there, the 3 most commonly used ones are reactive maintenance, preventive maintenance, and predictive maintenance. As every strategy has its benefits and disadvantages, we …

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Promoting your business online


Many business owners need to promote its works online and don’t know the best way to do that and what they should do. What is the best beginning things must do? Maybe they had more ideas, which sometimes make conflict with other ideas. Like sending emails or sharing more posts …

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The History of Translations (Past, Present and Future)


Since ancient times, translation has shown how vital it is in helping people understand and exchange ideas and concepts. Some of the earliest translated works were religious texts. Translators painstakingly did their jobs to ensure that they delivered accurate translation to make ordinary people understand the content and context of …

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How 5 Famous Entrepreneurs Overcome Failure


Success needs to start somewhere. You may be surprised to learn that some of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time – Walt Disney, Colonel Harland Sanders, Vera Wang, Bill Gates, Paul Allen, and Arianna Huffington – were victims of failure before they reached their best. Did you know that …

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30 Ways to Green Your Office Space


Nowadays, we all understand the effects of global warming and everyone wants to make a difference to help the environment. However, sometimes we lose focus, sometimes we feel a bit overwhelmed by it all. Not to fear, because there’s loads of ways to save the world that you might not …

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History of Printing


Whether you are a student of history, or simply curious about how desktop printing came about, this infographic may help satisfy your curiosity or help shed light on some of your questions. In an age when the world is moving towards being paperless, the impact of print may have been …

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Revolutionizing Compliance in the Financial Industry Using Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence is fast becoming a major technology for business transformation, shaking up every facet of many companies across many industries such as the finance. While still in infancy, AI and its related technologies are now being leveraged by many financial institutions such as banks and investment houses. One example …

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How To Rent PO Box


Renting a PO Box is a better alternative to having your mail delivered to your mailbox. It guarantees your mail’s and packages safety, protects your home address, and reassures faster delivery since USPS deliver to the Post Office first. Registering for one has never been as easy before. USPS has …

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