167 Attention-Grabbing Persuasive Speech Topics to Ensure Academic Success


A persuasive speech, if delivered properly, can change people’s perception about things. However, choosing the right topic for the speech remains the most challenging part while preparing an impeccable speech. Interestingly, it is the topic of the speech that often determines its impact on the audience, and if you are …

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10 Ways to Motivate Your Students


Keeping your students on track can be quite the challenge, ask any educator and with today’s ever growing list of distractions; Snapchat, Pinterest, PhotoBucket, etc. it’s even harder than before! Today’s students are going a mile a minute show no signs of slowing down. Classrooms are becoming super sized, and …

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The Future of Education


Education has significantly changed for the last two centuries. It has never been so varied, international and affordable. Contemporary world faces opportunities it’s never had before. However, we still may observe some limits and shortcomings of current education system. There are some aspects which need changes. Look, we still have …

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The Nursing Universe Explained


Because of demographics changes (the fast pacing aging of the population) and technology developing allowing people to live longer, healthcare sector is set to grow in the coming years by 25%, And employment is projected to grow at the same pace between 2012- 2002. The demand for nurses and care …

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