It’s National Barbie Day


It’s National Barbie Day everyone! And in celebration of this annual momentous occasion, we thought we’d reimagine the style, beauty and success icons career spanning almost 50 years. Her accolades, achievements and successes range from become the 1989 UNICEF Ambassador and Ambassador for World Peace, serving in all three armed …

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Fashion Week Starter Packs


Every six months, the fashion world from the four corners of the globe re-group for Fashion Month or the ‘Big Four’ as they’re often called; literally the biggest four fashion weeks taking place in the four style epicentres around the globe. First New York then London followed by Milan and …

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Top 5 Cooking Hacks that you Must be aware of

Top 5 Cooking Hacks

Do you struggle a lot when you try to prepare a dish? Cooking is not complicated. You just need to read some cooking books, watch some cooking tutorials and ask your mom to guide you through the process. You need to have some passion for cooking otherwise no amount of …

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Milestone Moments To Capture In Your Baby’s Life


As a parent, there are some milestone moments to capture in your baby’s life. You should not miss some moments in your baby’s life because once they occur, they might never happen again. Parenthood requires a lot of commitment and when its your first time parenting, you find that you …

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Do You Know That Santa Changed His Look?


Time flies and our lives change fast. So does Mr. Claus. For hundred years he has been following the established traditions and a chimney-trip to your dwellings is no longer stressful for him. Santa still adores his wife, elves, reindeer and all well-behaved kids. However now his routines are not …

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How Would You Have Celebrated Christmas in Medieval Times?


What is you first thought when someone says about Medieval Christmas? It is not really much info, isn’t it? Well, History Essay Writing can help you with this nice infographic called “”How Would You Have Celebrated Christmas in Medieval Times?” Here are some important facts about Christmas at all and …

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Have You Written Your Christmas Essay?

Chrsitmas- essay

What do you know about Christmas? There are a lot of interesting facts about this holiday. Did you know that there are a lot of people who are celebrating Christmas each year? It is 95% who celebrates this holiday and 93% who exchanges gifts. Do you feel Christmas? Okay, here …

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Spreading the Joy of Christmas with Festive Voicemail Greetings

Festive Voicemail Greetings

Christmas is a magic time. Everyone will do anything that will make this day special. Voicemail created this infographic to make you feel Christmas spirit and to share it with your relatives, friends and anyone who will call you. We collected here some cool facts about voicemail and shared …

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23 Easy New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

New Year Party Ideas

The new year is just right around the corner, and if you are still wondering where all those months of 2016 have gone, it’s time to steer your thoughts on what’s upcoming this 2017 to make sure that the coming year will be awesome! Lots of people are already preparing …

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Complete Guide to Tattoo Removal


If you think about removing your unwanted tattoo, you find the right option for your special case. There are several methods. Some of them can totally remove a tattoo, but some not. A good half of tattoo removal methods even can cause permanent damage to your skin. The most popular …

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Being a Filipino: 21 Things Only Filipinos Would Understand


You could go to a lot of places in the world and identify a place predominantly resided by Filipinos. The colorful slippers aligned outside the front door, the Sunday-Mass family gathering and many things are characteristic to Filipino communities. Beyond this, there are minute details on Filipino habits and traits …

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Different Fabrics in Designer Party Wear Sarees


Sarees are an extreme ethnic staple that serves you right. Wearing a ravishing saree can add sparkles to your style. There are numerous fabrics for a saree that unquestionably impact your identity and you can look great in these. From Casual sarees to those planner wear sarees, each piece fills …

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