All you need to know about Fidget Spinners


The fidget spinner craze is a bonafide global phenomenon! There’s a lot more to this marketplace than the typical neon plastic spinners seen in gas stations, toy stores, and even airports. While those spinners are in fact fidget spinners, the internet has seen an explosion of designs and categories, so …

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10 Filipino Comfort Foods for the Rainy Season


After the long months of scorching summer, rainy season is finally here. We sure love thi s season of cool breezy nights and biting cold daybreak. With a number of days without classes or office work due to inclement weather, we have nothing to do at home but to enfold …

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How To Mountaing and Understanding Your Scope


To mount the scope to the rifle is not very difficult though it’s time-consuming and meticulous.The following steps should be followed strictly at the time of mounting the scope.At first, purchasing the appropriate mounting equipment is very important.Basically, all modern rifles are either pre-drilled and struck for scope bases or …

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Lady Gaga’s 31st Birthday


A Golden Globe, an Oscar Nomination, a Bowie tribute and wearing Kermit the Frog! Is there anything that Gaga hasn’t done?! The music and style idol, who celebrates her 31st birthday on March 28th is simply an unstoppable force. Her love of music started at such a young age (age …

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Nike Air Max’s 30th Birthday


To celebrate the Nike Air Max turning 30 on March 26th, we thought we’d recreate some of the most famous shoe moments in film history and replicating them with Air Max! Which iconic films can you guess are in the list?!  From arguably *the* most famous movie scene featuring shoes …

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26 Amazing Beauty Hacks to Simplify Your Beauty Routine


Do you often find yourself wondering how beauty experts manage to look beautiful–as if they have just stepped out of a magazine, all the time? Of course, it takes some knowledge and skills to be able to look just as great as the beauty gurus and you can make it …

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It’s National Barbie Day


It’s National Barbie Day everyone! And in celebration of this annual momentous occasion, we thought we’d reimagine the style, beauty and success icons career spanning almost 50 years. Her accolades, achievements and successes range from become the 1989 UNICEF Ambassador and Ambassador for World Peace, serving in all three armed …

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Fashion Week Starter Packs


Every six months, the fashion world from the four corners of the globe re-group for Fashion Month or the ‘Big Four’ as they’re often called; literally the biggest four fashion weeks taking place in the four style epicentres around the globe. First New York then London followed by Milan and …

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Top 5 Cooking Hacks that you Must be aware of

Top 5 Cooking Hacks

Do you struggle a lot when you try to prepare a dish? Cooking is not complicated. You just need to read some cooking books, watch some cooking tutorials and ask your mom to guide you through the process. You need to have some passion for cooking otherwise no amount of …

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Milestone Moments To Capture In Your Baby’s Life


As a parent, there are some milestone moments to capture in your baby’s life. You should not miss some moments in your baby’s life because once they occur, they might never happen again. Parenthood requires a lot of commitment and when its your first time parenting, you find that you …

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Do You Know That Santa Changed His Look?


Time flies and our lives change fast. So does Mr. Claus. For hundred years he has been following the established traditions and a chimney-trip to your dwellings is no longer stressful for him. Santa still adores his wife, elves, reindeer and all well-behaved kids. However now his routines are not …

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