How to Clean Your Laser Printer


Laser printers make our lives so much easier when we need to print something (and we need to do it fast). But in order to serve longer, function at the best performance levels and deliver the maximum printing experience both in terms of quality and quantity of printed pages laser …

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The Evolution of Mac OS Versions


Did you know that there are 15 Mac OS versions? If you are a Mac user, this information should be very useful for you. We all want to feel comfortable about using technologies. Here is where we can actually choose what to use. Each Mac OS version is unique and …

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Archiving WhatsApp Messages for Trial and Legal Matters


Digital age has indeed changed the way we view the world today. And this includes issues regarding legal matters. Business-related lawsuits are now a common sight in the news, both on radio and tv. These kinds of legal actions could cause any company owner to pay thousands of dollars if …

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Top Cloud Threats Your Business Should Look Out For


Regardless of the size of your company, you should be aware of the threats that you could experience when using the cloud. As a business owner, protecting your data should be your top priority. Otherwise, it could lead to disruption in your organization such that tons of data could be …

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The 21 Biggest Data Breaches of the 21st Century


Some of the world’s largest retailers, including Target and Home Depot, have been victims of very sophisticated attacks. Target alone saw the confidential data of 110 million customers compromised in 2013. But just because your business is not a multinational corporation, never assume you’re in the clear. According to the …

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Android vs. iOS App Development


Android and iOS are the two most popular operating systems around the world. Surely, you’re very familiar with these operating systems because they’ve changed the mobile tech industry since their conception. If you’re considering which app development platform you should use, then be mindful of the devices that these are …

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Swiping Right: How Smartphones Have Changed Relationships


Back in the old days, people typically met their future partners through mutual friends, or via connections at work. But in today’s modern world, hundreds of potential suitors are available with just a few swipes on your smartphone. More and more singletons are finding love through online dating sites and …

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How to Detect Hidden Spy App on Your Cell Phone


Your cell phone is like your private diary, it has all your private information. Right from where you go to whom you talk and what you discuss. Think of someone snooping in all your personal details. It’s quite possible that this may be happening to you. Spyware apps are dangerous …

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25 Coding Apps for Kids Under 8


Did you know that coding can help kids develop their problem-solving and critical thinking skills? Did you know that you can introduce them to programming at a very early age? Maybe you are looking for a way to make the kids’ screen time a bit more educational. You can do …

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Do Smartphones Steal Childhoods? Raising a Cyber Generation


With the start of the new school term, the debate as to whether children should or should not have smartphones is again being had. To find out the opinions of real UK parents, we conducted a survey of 1000 respondents, looking at their attitudes toward mobile phone use at home …

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PDF Password Protection


Passwords are the most commonly used method as a key for securing access to digital information. They are used because they are simple to implement and are a quick method of key exchange for securely sharing files with others. However, they are generally not secure. There are hundreds of password …

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