Travelling the world by wheelchair


In a recent article, UK stairlift provider Handicare spoke about the struggles those in a wheelchair face when planning to travel, abroad or just in the UK. They examined some of the world’s top holiday locations and examined the state of their accessibility. Delving into more detail about accessibility factors …

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Best Traveling Destination In 2020


Travelling has been the well-known top of the bucket list of every average person. Its popularity even gets grower throughout the years, especially when the internet has been introduced to the public. Many tourist spots were shown on the most searched website. And people have always wanted to visit these …

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The UK’s driving opinions


In a hunt from the UK’s most intriguing driving opinions, Dayinsure, a temporary insurance provider for cars and other vehicles, conducted a survey to find out what the UK think. Questioning them on things like drink-driving laws, whether cyclists should be allowed on roads and whether older people should need …

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Phrases from across the world


Phrases from across the world is the most recent infographic from UK cruise specialists ROL Cruise who offer cruising experience across the globe. Featuring phrases from around the world, including offerings from Russia, The Netherlands, Finland and the United Kingdom, there is a phrase almost everyone should know and enjoy. …

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