Tourist vs Travellers: Which one are you?


A tourist and traveller contrast in numerous perspectives including likes, dislikes, habits, places they love to visit, the way their experience a place, the way they converse with people, and so on. Use of Their Travel Time According to expert travellers: A traveller is a sort of individual that likes …

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5 Simple Yet Effective Tips to Avoid Jet Lag


Traveling frequently for work can take its toll on the body. When you are tasked to travel long distances and cross time zones to update projects, meet with clients, negotiate deals, address crises, and engage in a variety of other business activities, your circadian rhythm aka body clock can go …

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How To Eat Like A Local In Rome


Who that calls him or herself a foodie hasn’t dreamed of eating some delicious pasta, drinking some quality wine and tasting an original gelato in the marvelous city of Rome? That’s why Travel for Food Hub has designed this infographic: to help food lovers around the world eat like a …

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What To Do When You Run Out Of Fuel?


Traveling on the road is one of the most fun getaways with friends, family, or just being alone that you could ever experience. You will get to see different places, meet new people, and have the leisure to roam around. But, irregularities may occur when you are off the road, …

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What Is Overlanding?


Overlanding is a relatively new niche in the travel sector and its popularity growing fast on a yearly basis. The origins and history of overlanding is not well known. We are often asked “What Is Overlanding?”. The infographic also addresses other questions like the minimum requirements in terms of skills …

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Queen Elizabeth’s Travels – Mapped


This year may soon become the most celebratory years for the British Royal Family in recent years; with Prince William’s third child’s arrival due in April, the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in May and Queen Elizabeth celebrating her 92nd Birthday. Medical Travel Compared are celebrating the longest …

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Let’s Prepare for Journey: Travel Safety Tips for Seniors


Traveling isn’t just an opportunity to click better Instagram-worthy pictures; it is good for you in a number of ways! While taking a trip sure is fun and exciting, it also promotes heart health, relieves stress, and helps keep the mind sharp. Traveling is also a great way to connect …

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The Top 10 Largest Superyachts


Superyachts are seen as the ultimate must-have for any high net-worth individuals. In 2017 alone, there have been over 750 new superyacht projects ordered. These impressive structures are often created to accommodate a large amount of guests and a permanent crew, and are normally equipped with many extravagant extras, including …

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10 Largest Container Carriers in the World


In this world which is called ‘a global village’, each country is endeavoring to reach the zenith of economic prosperity by increasing trade with the rest of the world. To make it happen, container ships are used as the most economical means of importing and exporting goods. These ships can …

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The Top 10 UNESCO World-Heritage Sites in Iran


There certainly is more to Iran than just being the 2nd largest country in the Middle East and the 4th largest oil reserve in the world. The Islamic Republic is also home to 21 of the world heritage sites registered by UNESCO. And as the country’s tourism is now at …

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Holiday Getaways in the Philippines: Best Places to Spend Christmas

Holiday Getaways in the Philippines

The Filipino style of celebrating Christmas is incomparably more fun and joyful. undoubtedly, because we have a big heart for everybody which essentially supports the essence of Christmas–sharing love, joy and thanksgiving. In the Philippines, no one can hide from the holiday spirit, anytime, everywhere you can smell the festivities, …

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