Charcoal vs. Gas grills – A simple answer to the endless debate

The Summer is around the corner, and here it comes the endless debate of every season, the one which never gets old: The Charcoal vs. Gas debate.

Statistics say that more than half of the US people have a BBQ, and at least 12% of that half have both charcoal and Gas at the same time, that’s what a real BBQ enthusiast would do, along with a smoker then you’ll have a complete collection.

Of course every one of them has pros and cons, and there’s no one absolute answer here, all we do is trying to pick the type that fits our needs if you’re busy most of the time, then maybe you would prefer Gas over charcoal. On the other hand, if you seem to have time in your hand and enjoy cooking, then charcoal is the one.

Another question that would help you decide is what do you cook mostly? Each one of them is better for some types of food and worse for some other types. For example, charcoal grills provide excellent performance with larger cuts of meat and steaks of course, because of the high intense heat they do better searing, which gives lovely juicer steaks.

But you have to pay some time and patience. On the other hand, the exact opposite, if you’re not a big fan of steaks and usually cook some hotdogs and burgers for dinner, then you would like Gas more.

Here’s an infographic by Best Grill Finder that shows you a list of Pros and Cons for each one and an objective comparison to better feel th difference. Then take a look at the source link below.

Charcoal vs. Gas grills

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