Business Text Archiving – International Comparison of Dual SIM Technology Adoption

It has been almost two decades since the introduction of dual SIM technology in public, and through its years of existence, this technological breakthrough still made a lot of changes for many mobile phone users as of late.

With its potential to provide your mobile phone the ability to use two different mobile carriers, it’s not surprising why its adoption has been staggering lately.In fact, dual SIM tech holds the user’s percentage of 98% in India, 92% in the Philippines, 90% in China and 77% in Indonesia – some of the countries with the highest population and mobile penetration in the world.

Dual SIM tech provides various benefits for everyone, especially for corporate travelers, as it allows them to use the SIM card of the country they’re traveling to and their local SIM at the same time. Also, with dual SIM technology, users can take advantage of different mobile SMS, voice, and data packages by two different carriers.

However, only 29% in the U.K. and 4% in the U.S. utilize this feature; countries which are known to be heavy users of iPhone devices. But despite this fact, possibilities are still stated as iPhone released their latest versions of iPhone XS and XS Max with the eSIMfeature.

Want to know more about this dual sim technology? Have a look on the infographics below from TeleMessage.


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