COVID-19: Who Are the Most Vulnerable?

The world is in the midst of a major health crisis. With the COVID-19 pandemic at hand, medical professionals and public health experts from around the globe are working non-stop to uncover more information about the virus. In late 2019, experts have uncovered that SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that caused COVID-19) was identified as the culprit behind a respiratory illness outbreak in Wuhan, China.

People who have acquired the illness reported that they experienced coughing, fever, fatigue, difficulty in breathing, and other flu-like symptoms within two to 14 days after exposure. Currently, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that about 3.6% of COVID-19 cases are deadly. It’s also important to note that the mortality rate for people aged 80 and above has risen to 20%. Unfortunately, treatment for the virus through a vaccine is not yet available, so medication remains the primary method of alleviating one’s symptoms.

It’s clear by now that no one is immune to COVID-19, but research shows that some people are at a larger risk of infection and, possibly, even death. Just to name a few, the elderly and individuals with underlying medical conditions are the most vulnerable to the illness. During this public health crisis, you need to do your part in protecting high-risk individuals.

Aside from practicing proper hygiene, you need to minimize your exposure to those vulnerable and make significant adjustments to your daily routine. Fortunately, this infographic from Makati Medical Center will discuss everything you need to know to flatten the curve successfully.

Who Are the Most Vulnerable

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