Credit Card Alternatives for Millennials With Zero Credit

Credit cards offer the opportunity to pay for anything—whether it’s an unforeseen trip to the hospital, groceries for your household, or a replacement for a broken appliance or furniture—even when you’re short on cash. With careful financial planning, a credit card can also be an effective way to pay off debt.

Unfortunately, getting a line of credit has been a challenge in the Philippines, especially for millennials. As of 2019, credit card usage in the country remains low, partially due to the strict requirements needed to apply for one. So, where does that leave you in your time of need?

Thankfully, with the advent of financial technology and the rise of e-commerce, millennials can access alternative lines of credit without needing a credit score. These alternatives—prepaid cards, electronic wallets, cashback debit cards, online lenders, and online pawning—are more liberal with their requirements, while extending their financial benefits to those who need it the most.


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