Deconstructing the Things We Use and Buy

All of the things we use on a daily basis are made up of multiple parts, each of which is essential to the overall functioning of the entire product. Nonetheless, locating and choosing these parts effectively presents difficulties for engineers. Customized techniques such as making your own drawings or contacting manufacturers directly take a lot of effort and usually result in few possibilities.

And now with 3Dfindit, a ground-breaking solution that provides a huge selection of standardized parts from more than 6,000 manufacturers. 3Dfindit helps engineers choose components more quickly by providing features including on-demand product setup, fast access to manufacturer-certified data in a variety of formats, and robust 3d search capabilities.

It not only boosts productivity but also expedites discovery and development across a range of industries, saving as much as 625 hours and $70,000 per engineer. Using 3Dfindit makes it easier and more effective than ever to find the proper parts for your projects.

Deconstructing the Things We Use and Buy

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