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Do Airbnb Landlords Deserve a Bailout?

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Mass cancellations and a severe drop in bookings have devastated Airbnb and its hosts. This is especially problematic for those ‘superhosts’ that have set up entire businesses around the platform, building a portfolio of multiple properties.

No travel means no Airbnb demand, which means no rental income for these hosts. Yet, they still have their own mortgage and rent obligations to meet.

In this graphic, we look at how much hosts are losing on properties across the top global destination cities. We also break down the numbers behind how many hosts are actually running multiple properties.

The scale and degree of these multi-property hosts are staggering. In London alone, there are over 12,000 hosts that are running 10+ properties each.

So what happens now that they are over-leveraged and can no longer make the mortgage payments across these many properties?

Will this create selling pressure and we see a flood of Airbnb units offloaded onto the market?

Do Airbnb Landlords Deserve a Bailout

Infographic Source: https://remoteventures.com/blog/do-airbnb-landlords-deserve-a-bailout-infographic/

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