Do Smartphones Steal Childhoods? Raising a Cyber Generation

With the start of the new school term, the debate as to whether children should or should not have smartphones is again being had. To find out the opinions of real UK parents, we conducted a survey of 1000 respondents, looking at their attitudes toward mobile phone use at home and at school, as well as getting a better understand of the issue of cyberbullying and the effect that it’s having on the nation’s youth.

We also looked into parents’ biggest concerns when giving their children a mobile phone for the first time – such as internet predators, disruption in school, or cyberbullying – helping us to contextualise the debate currently surrounding smartphone usage.

We collated all of our findings into this helpful infographic, with the aim of helping other parents, authorities and charities get a better understanding of the issues currently facing children, young people, and even adults in the technological age.

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