Do You Know That Santa Changed His Look?

Time flies and our lives change fast. So does Mr. Claus. For hundred years he has been following the established traditions and a chimney-trip to your dwellings is no longer stressful for him. Santa still adores his wife, elves, reindeer and all well-behaved kids. However now his routines are not the same as let’s say in 90’s.

While searching for good kids, Santa came across a number of super popular accounts. Some of them belonged to politicians, others – to actors, fashion designer, singers… This is when he was struck with an idea to arrange a quiz for you and all Santa family. He dressed up as some of the most renowned people did in 2016 and took 9 photos. The Unplag team was exclusively given the right to distribute the Santa selfies. Just take a look at them below. Can you say who Santa reminds you of on each pic?


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